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TWRP 3.3.0-0 Released

TWRP 3.3.0-0 is out now for most currently supported devices.

What's new in 3.3.0-0:

* Merge AOSP 9.0 r3 (Dees_Troy)

* Use ANDROID_ROOT variable instead of hard coding to /system (CaptainThrowback)

* Decrypt FBE on 9.0 and metadata decrypt (Dees_Troy)

* vold decrypt updates (CaptainThrowback and nijel8)

* Support vibration on LED class devices (notsyncing)

* Metadata decrypt support for Pixel 3 (Dees_Troy)

* Support rotating the display via build flag (vladimiroltean)

* Reboot to EDL mode button (mauronofrio)

* Support MTP on FFS devices (bigbiff)

* Update FDE decrypt to support keymaster 3 and 4 (Dees_Troy)

* Detect mkfs.f2fs version to properly format on f2fs partitions (Dees_Troy)

* Allow TWRP to use md5 and sha256 checksums for zip installs (bigbiff)

* TWRP can use /data/cache/recovery and /persist/cache/recovery on AB devices with no cache partition (bigbiff)

* Switch part of advanced menus in TWRP to use a listbox of options (Dees_Troy)

* Use magiskboot to allow repacking boot images for installing TWRP (Dees_Troy with thanks to topjohnwu of course)